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Design and Engineering Capabilities

ALCOI entered the Indian market in 2006 intending to fabricate fenestration and facade solutions to the country’s evolving architecture and construction industry. Based on the principle of Science, Colour and Craftsmanship, the company developed a unique concept of SYSTEMS that is a balanced blend of design, specialised skills and expertise, machinery, profiles and accessories.

With the capacity to design and provide engineering solutions for a variety of fenestration projects and our commitment to eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions, ALCOI’s systems are conceptualized through a combination of engineering and a nuanced sense of design. Our products have uniquely powerful design elements that meet changing demands like safety, heat and noise insulation of smart buildings and residences.

Health and Safety

Every individual is entitled to a safe and healthy working environment. We thus keep safety at the top of our priorities for a product like ours where heavy machinery and hands-on work are required. Our products are technically safe, and our employees are well trained and geared. All of this, combined with minute attention to detail and awareness, leads us to believe that every accident is preventable, making our workspaces safe and secure.

Software and Systems

At ALOCI, we make sure to stay up to date with technology and use the latest and licensed software like CAD for designing STAAD Pro for structural analysis and efficient cost and office management tools. Furthermore, we work towards exceeding our client’s expectations and believe in keeping complete loyalty and transparency with them. Therefore, we provide them with critical information on calculations such as structural stability against wind load for aluminium and glass using the latest IS codes. Such analyses help customers to understand the safety performances of our system.

Project and Site Management

We make sure to be proactively involved in executing our products to aid crisp and swift delivery to clients. Our project management team perpetually interacts with the client to resolve any concerns and vigilantly supervises the work to ensure a comprehensive outcome.



We believe that we are responsible for our products even after they are delivered and installed. Our products, being thoroughly designed and engineered, promise longevity. However, we provide a warranty on the manufacturing and finishing as follows:

  • Product – 10 years on manufacturing defects from the date of delivery
  • RAL Color Finishes – 10 years from the date of delivery
  • Wood Effect Finish – 05 years from the date of delivery
  • Glass- No warranty, once the glass is safely delivered and installed
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

For the convenience and ease of the clients and customers, the company provides annual maintenance contracts. This ensures that the customer has a pleasant and trouble-free experience of the product without any problem for years to come.

They can opt for any of the following two alternatives available to them.

  • ALCOI AMC Basic Plus Preventive and corrective Maintenance contract consisting of servicing inclusive of spares and exclusive of cost towards glass breakage. AMC include quarterly visits (four visits in one year) in case there is no emergency call. In case of an emergency call, the visit will get substituted with a scheduled visit.
  • ALCOI AMC Basic Plus G Preventive and corrective Maintenance contract consists of servicing inclusive of spares and glass breakage. AMC includes quarterly visits (four visits in one year) in case there is no emergency call. In case of an emergency call, the visit will get substituted with a scheduled visit.

The design creates the exceptional, where science and art break to create seamless boundaries, blurring the fine line between the indoors and the outdoors.