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ALCOI - a complete professional package for windows solutions

ALCOI is a one-stop solution provider for the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of precision-engineered, environment-friendly and high-performance residential and commercial fenestration systems for homeowners, contractors and architects. Since its formation, in 2006, ALCOI has envisioned to be the leading design and manufacturing firm for providing eco-friendly fenestration systems for sustainable habitats. From inception to installation, ALCOI is a complete professional package.

With an in-depth knowledge of the Indian industry, and a focus on architectural finesse and user-centric design, ALCOI has revolutionized the industry through a unique ‘systems’ concept and has been recognised as a building envelope specialist providing solutions throughout a project’s cycle. The systems are conceptualised through a nuanced design approach rooted in ‘Science, Colour and Craftsmanship’. With diverse skills in global technology, engineering and design, ALCOI has produced and installed windows for over 500 projects with esteemed architects of the country. Leading the forefront of green construction, ALCOI provides fenestration solutions in the commercial, residential, and hospitality sectors. Our wide range of aluminium design systems extends from curtain walls, slim sliding systems, pivot, tilt & turn, casement, sliding folding systems.

ALCOI has been associated with some of the prestigious projects by India’s leading architects. The company has an active service presence in over 25 cities through factories, Experience Studios, and an ever-increasing set of Channel Partners-backed by a strong direct sales force. With each project, ALCOI aims to achieve excellence and set newer benchmarks in energy efficiency, acoustic and thermal performance. Their relentless innovation and progressive technical solutions ensure the best and consistent services for both today and tomorrow.


ALCOI’s Design Philosophy

Inspired by the design philosophy of the father of Modern Movement in Architecture Le Corbusier, ALCOI  believes in the decongestion and enlargement of spaces.

Architecture with aesthetics, interiors with functionality and class, ALCOI is dedicated to fulfilling client aspirations of achieving the maximum outputs with minimal design. From ideation and conceptualisation to fabrication and installation, ALCOI offers a complete professional package for windows solutions.

From ideation to installation, ALCOI provides a complete professional package.

ALCOI Family

The ALCOI Team: Our most valuable asset

We pride ourselves on having the expertise to develop site-specific solutions that  meet modern-day  expectations and lifestyle, by developing premium fenestration solutions that are sustainable, and positively impact people and their surroundings.


Jiwan Mehta

Managing Director

An industry veteran with a comprehensive experience of over 40 years in diverse industries, Jiwan is a mentor and advisor to the top management of the company.


Nitin Mehta

Executive Director

Nitin has been the force behind the growth of ALCOI into an industry leader through his relentless commitment towards developing high-end products in line with market requirements. Integrating innovation with revolutionary technology, he always looks for new ways to reinvent the company’s product portfolio and ensure market leadership.


Sumit Bhasin

General Manager

A disciplinarian and problem-solver, Sumit keeps ALCOI’s wheels greased and ensures smooth functioning at all times. He handles complex operations and is the go-to man throughout the lifecycle of a project.


Bhupinder Kumar

Manager – Production & Installations

Bhupinder is an active catalyst in conceptualising new product development and its in-house improvement. A proponent of customer satisfaction, he is responsible for the timely delivery and installation of services.


Bharti Sharma

Manager – HR & Admin

Armed with a personality that exudes charm and confidence, Bharti is a people’s expert whose presence makes ALCOI a comfortable place to work. Meticulous in nature, she ensures that various components of the company are organised and function smoothly.


What clients have to say

I definitely recommend ALCOI; It provides the best solution for customized finishes in doors & windows. Nitin, Executive Director, explains everything about the products that ALCOI offers in a very detailed manner. In addition, the experience centre is the best place to witness the products live.

ALCOI is cutting-edge and reliable in terms of designs and services. I recently visited their experience centre, where I was given a live demo of their products and features. The products offer acoustic control, thermal comfort and security. They also require minimal maintenance.

Recently I visited their experience centre; they have a wide variety of windows and door systems. Along with the products they offer, they also have good after purchase service options available, which I haven't seen any other brand offer till now. Kudos to ALCOI!

ALCOI did my home project around eight years ago and the doors and windows have been in perfect order since then. Even the powder coating of all the windows is intact. This speaks about the quality of their products. All the best to the ALCOI team for a brighter future.

ALCOI products are of premium quality. Both doors and windows are assembled with excellent craftsmanship here.

The design creates the exceptional, where science and art break to create seamless boundaries, blurring the fine line between the indoors and the outdoors.