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Design and Engineering Capabilities

Design and Engineering Capabilities

ALCOI entered the Indian market in 2006 intending to fabricate fenestration and facade solutions to the country’s evolving architecture and construction industry. Based on the principle of Science, Colour and Craftsmanship, the company developed a unique concept of SYSTEMS that is a balanced blend of design, specialised skills and expertise, machinery, profiles and accessories.

With the capacity to design and provide engineering solutions for a variety of fenestration projects and our commitment to eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions, ALCOI’s systems are conceptualized through a combination of engineering and a nuanced sense of design. Our products have uniquely powerful design elements that meet changing demands like safety, heat and noise insulation of smart buildings and residences.

The design creates the exceptional, where science and art break to create seamless boundaries, blurring the fine line between the indoors and the outdoors.