Classic Elegance.
Modern Inspiration.

Design creates the Exceptional, where Science and Art break even to create seamless boundaries, blurring the fine line between the indoor and the outdoor.

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Free plan, free facades. This revolutionary philosophy of the Father of Modern Movement in Architecture, Le Corbusier, has its influence over our philosophy as well.

De-congestion and enlargement of spaces are the real connect between his ideology and ours. Architecture with aesthetics, interiors with functionality and class, ALCOI fulfills your dreams of achieving the maximum with the minimalistic. We are dedicated to provide you better living conditions within an urban set up. Thus when Corbusier roared ‘Functionality with aesthetics’, our products nodded their heads in tandem.

ALCOI Product Lines

Our site-specific frames, seamlessly yet elegantly bring together light, air, practicality, transparency and a balanced visual solution merging indoor and outdoor spaces.

Science. Colour. Crafsmanship

ALCOI's systems were conceptualized through a combination of engineering and a nuanced sense of design.

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