Quaint homeliness of wood fused with the industrial sturdiness of aluminium, brought to life through ingenious technology.

SKYWOOD Product Range

1. Fixed Window

Single Leaf Casement Window

Single Leaf Casement Door

Opening frame (As per system variant)

Maximum Panel Width: 1000mm - 1828mm

Maximum Panel Height:2743mm - 3660mm

Maximum Panel Weight:90kgs – 350kgs

Glass Infill: Upto 32mm


Aluminium : All sections are extruded from aluminium alloy specification 6060/6063 T5/T6. Aluminium extrusions are optimally designed to meet various requirements of functionality and strength. A wide range of profiles, with different moments of inertia, ensures economic application for varied structural requirements.

Wood laths : Rounded outline and moulded outline: Solid Oak, Cherry and Alder wood (natural, walnut, chestnut tinted).


Miter 45° cut rails and lateral frames. Opening frame standard in accordance with the size of the frame and structure exposure. Aluminium glazing bead adds strength, its function of supporting the glass ensures wood is free from any load bearing strain. Profile in solid wood for sash with slip in glass. The wood and aluminium are connected by special clip made of PVC, with a rigid key to guarantee that the wooden part is fastened tight against the aluminium. Their shape and size ensure that the different expansion coefficients of the two parts are respected. Sections with single glazing and double-glazing groove.

*Please consult regarding maximum weight and dimension for other opening types.

1. aluminum frame

2. track gasket

3. clip

4. wood

5. beading

6. interlock gasket

7. interlock

8. glass leaf (thickness 6mm to 32mm)

9. sash

10. inside gasket

11. outside gasket

12. stainless steel/aluminum rail

13. flush rail

Absolute Security

Environment Friendly

Fire Proof

High Quality Finish

Long Lasting

Termite Proof

Value For Money

Weather Proof