1. How can I find an Authorized Dealer near me? +

A list of authorised channel partners is given here or you may contact us at support@alcoi.in

2. Where is the closest showroom to me? +

ALCOI has a factory showroom at Panchkula, Haryana, which you may visit with prior appointment. For display centers of our channel partners, please visit here or you may contact us at support@alcoi.in

3. Who is best suited to install my new windows and doors?+

We recommend company authorised installers or hiring installers that have undergone training in fitment of windows and doors. If the installation instructions are carefully followed, the product warranty will not be affected.

4. Which product(s) are right for my home? +

Please visit the Products page for our range of systems, and Material Comparatives pdf for material variants available in the market. You can also ask for sales assistance by sending your concerns at support@alcoi.in

5. What is the right finish? +

  • Anodising: Anodising thickness 15 microns and for saline atmosphere and coastal areas minimum 18 microns.
  • Powder Coating: Powder coating uses pure polyester powder of Jotun, Akzo Noble or equivalent make in minimum 50-60 microns thickness.
  • Sublimation: Sublimation uses polyurethane base coat on which special heat transfer inks are transferred into by Sublimation to provide wooden grain and other special effects.
  • You can also ask for additional sales assistance by sending your concerns at support@alcoi.in

6. Why should I choose ALCOI over the other aluminum products on the market? +

ALCOI has chosen to pursue the portion of the market that wants something better than the other products. The symptom of that pursuit demands, we try to perfect every aspect of the design, infrastructure and path to the market.

7. What are examples of "the little things" that make ALCOI better? +

Consider these traits: proprietary systems, european made fittings and accessories, solution based selling, engineering support and 95% of our business is premium residential units that demand high quality.

8. What are the advantages of aluminum windows? +

Here are some attributes to consider: longevity, beauty, more glass, supports better components, versatility, crossover design ability, lifetime coatings, limited maintenance.

9. Is aluminum green friendly? +

Yes, aluminium is a green and sustainable metal.

10. Is aluminum energy efficient? +

If one considers all variables within a period of years instead of days, yes! aluminum is energy efficient. Because our frames have a small profile, they allow huge expanse of glass, which make the overall unit very efficient.

11. How can I make ALCOI windows last longer? +

Please refer to our Material Care & Maintenance page. If instructions are followed, it will extend the life of the products for decades.

12. What is the right hardware for my casement windows? +

It largely depends on the location of the window. If you are in a windy area, we recommend the cremone handle arrangement with hinge or stainless steel friction stays, which have tension adjustment.

13. What is the right hardware for my sliding doors? +

Our sliding doors come with cremone pull handles and single or multipoint locking as standard. Customers may choose from a wide variety of custom pull handles. Cylinder key locking can be added as an optional feature. Some prefer the optional spring loaded Latch for its ease of use, however, it does not seal as tightly as the default hardware.

14. What is the right hardware for my hinged doors? +

The latching system, escutcheon plate and cylinder locking come as standard but customers may select a custom lever style.

15. What is a "thermally broken aluminum window"? +

It is an aluminum window with extrusions designed with a cavity to create a thermal barrier utilising I-Strut technology. The process involves mechanically joining a polyamide strut to two separate extrusions creating the thermal barrier.

16. What is the right glass? +

  • There are a lot of glass choices. As a means of giving you some direction, glasses are available in the following basic specifications: annealed, toughened, insulated (double or triple), laminated (safety or security) and laminated insulated glass units.
  • You may also consider the following: If you live in a cold climate, you should look for glass that provides a good u-value, yet allows for a high SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient). This way you can keep warmth in the home during the winter and allow for solar heat to assist.
  • If you live in a warmer climate, discount u-value as much as possible and focus on getting a low SHGC, because it is the direct sun that is of great concern. Converting smaller windows to larger sizes is also an effective way of driving the U-factor weighted averages down. Upgrading the glass to insulated, spacer type and adding argon gas can improve the U-factor enough to bring the desired scope into compliance.

17. What is U-value and how can I get a better U-Factor? +

It is a measurement of radiant heat loss, similar to an R-Value (used in other building components), but inverse. You may also want to review questions "What is the right glass?" and What is a "thermally broken aluminum window”?

18. How can I get a better SHGC? +

Review question “What is the right glass?”

19. Do I really need thermally broken frames? +

With all the hype surrounding energy efficiency, it seems that practical reasoning is overlooked in warmer climates. Specifically, unless your project is in an area that receives snow, you most likely do not need thermally broken frames. Additionally, it does not adequately reduce the surface temperature of the inside of the extrusions resulting from heat. Thermal break sections are also more expensive.

20. How can I avoid condensation? +

All materials condense moisture; some simply do it faster due to surface temperature. Please visit our care and maintenance page and go through the topic “ventilation of windows”.

21. What is spontaneous glass breakage? +

A phenomenon by which tempered glass may spontaneously break without any apparent reason. The most common theory is that internal defects exist during glass creation, e.g. nickel sulphide inclusions. Spontaneous breakage is extremely rare and is classified as a property of glass and not a defect.

22. What is Low-E glass? +

It is short for "low emissivity glass" in which the glass has been infused with microscopic coatings which aid in inviting or suppressing energy. For example, some "hard coat" low-e coatings keep the room warmer by keeping heat from escaping through the glass to the elements. That same glass allows direct sunlight to pass through the glass to assist in warming the room. This glass would not be a good choice in the Sunbelt. Instead, locate a glass that deflects direct sunlight (short wave radiation).

23. What is your warranty? +

Our warranty is a Limited Lifetime Warranty; you can review it on the Warranty page.

24. Do you have any fire rated products? +

No, aluminum windows are a better choice than wood or vinyl but for actual fire rated product, you most likely need a steel window product.

25. How can I get the fastest lead-time? +

For a faster lead time you may select one of a stock finishes. Custom finishes typically add six to ten weeks. Some product options may add two weeks on top of stock finish lead-times.

26. Who do I contact for delivery questions?+

Delivery questions can be addressed to your sales representative or you may email us at support@alcoi.in

27. Where do I go for service on existing ALCOI products?+

You may contact the nearest channel partner or email us at support@alcoi.in for service requests and we will be happy to line it up for you.

28. What is the recycled content of the aluminum ALCOI uses?+

The average recycled content is in the range of 40% to 50%.

29. Do you offer custom colors?+

Yes, please review our Finishes page.

30. Can I get split finishes?+

Yes, but only in case of thermal break sections made with I-Strut technology.

31. How can I get the best pricing?+

All prices are MRP (Maximum Retail Price) which are ultimately set by market forces. We want to focus on knowledge, experience and service and not get into the discount pricing game.

32. Can I get my entire house package keyed the same (master key)?+

Yes, simply make sure the requirement is noted in the order.

33. Can I get my slider doors on a flush track? +

We offer several low profile tracks for different design needs. You can refer to the relevant system section details or contact our sales representative for more details.

34. What are your standard sizes of windows and doors?+

There are none. You get to choose the size you want.

35. What is the largest door and window you make? +

It "largely" depends on the glass you want. If the size is most important, we can make sliding doors as tall as 15 feet. Larger sizes on special request are evaluated for design feasibility.

36. What are "section and shop drawings"? +

These are the drawings that float through the fabrication process. These drawings are usually an elevation and plan view cut section of every window and door type. The factory provides these drawings on request as a service to industry professional such as architects etc.

37. Can I get motorised doors?+

Our sliding doors operate so easily they do not need auto assistance. If automation is desired, we can assist you in locating an after market system that can be field attached.

38. How do I install Security System to my doors and windows?+

You will have to contact the security systems company for guidance on how they attach devices to window products. If the windows or doors are modified in such a way as to reduce operation or performance, the warranty is nullified.